A. Campaign conducted by Evalu8r

Evalu8r will conduct surveys for your company in one or more of the following methodologies. The importance of your customer, the value of their business or your available budget would dictate which methodology you would use:

One-on-One Personal Interviews

In-depth personal interviews are conducted by Evalu8r facilitators. Your company provides us with a database of your customers you wish to survey in electronic with their contact details that you. We will then set up the appointments to see your customers and conduct the survey.


Your customers click on a URL that is sent from our secure website and complete the survey.


Evalu8r has approved call centres with whom we have a good working relationship with. We train their personnel and give them limited access to our website. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements have been put in place.

Manual Distribution

Evalu8r makes use of your company’s Sales or Operational staff to manually distribute and collect surveys to your customers. Sealable envelopes are provided by Evalu8r. This ensures privacy and confidentiality of information contained therein as well as eliminates any tampering with information.

B. Licensing option

Own your own license; use your own Customer Relationship Staff

It is possible for the Licensee to acquire a Software License for the Evalu8r program. This allows the Licensee to conduct an unlimited number of surveys/ studies.

This would also help the Licensee from a cost perspective.

The Licensee makes use of their own staff to project manage and run this function.
Licenses are granted for an indefinite period of time and hosting and support are renewable at the end of each contract term.

This licensing restricts the Licensee to conduct surveys to its clients only, and therefore is prohibited from conducting surveys on behalf of other external parties.

Support & Hosting

Full electronic support will be provided during office hours. Telephonic support, where necessary, will also be provided.

It is preferable that all correspondence is electronic, as this provides a record of communication whereby queries and questions can be tracked and resolved without delay.

Advice with regards to questionnaire design/ question formulation and sampling will be provided as and when required.


Complete training will be provided to as many staff as is necessary. We will allocate a day for this purpose.

Half a day will be devoted to instruction with a practical session where staff can set up their own surveys to test their competency.


The websites can be up and running within 1 working day from time of confirmation.


BENEFITS to the Licensee:

  • Significant cost saving-extremely cost effective
  • Keep control in-house
  • Simple and quick set up of surveys
  • Unlimited number of surveys
  • Free upgrades as new generation software is introduced
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