Evalu8r is a Customer-driven Performance Management system that uses the “voice of the customer” to obtain critical business intelligence.

Using a variety of survey methodologies, information is gathered and processed in real time.

Evalu8r provides all Management with critical information to help them assess the performance of their departments. In particular it provides Sales Management with the vital information required to manage, coach and mentor their Sales Representatives. It highlights strengths and weaknesses as well as training requirements. It is also an extremely useful tool for CFOs and other financial managers.
Customer Performance Management is an important step in the “Clients for Life” process. Uncover how your clients REALLY perceive your company and services. Knowing your client’s perceptions and expectations is one of the foundations of an effective client retention program.

This Management Tool comprises of the following distinct components

It provides the necessary information for:

It is compatible with and enhances the value of all CRM packages.


Reports that are generated provide more than academic information and have been designed with the purpose of providing actionable information that is meaningful to the companies that we work with in order to improve their overall business performance and relationship with their customers. While it provides very important Strategic Information, it is first and foremost an Operational Management Tool that should be utilised on a daily basis.

Evalu8r empowers management by providing them with critical Key Account Intelligence and the tools to manage their performance and their relationships with their customers affording them complete control over their business.

Evalu8r is the ONLY system that offers the following:

MAKE CUSTOMERS AWARE YOU CARE ABOUT THEIR BUSINESS. Most customers receive surveys very positively. They feel highly valued knowing that you have invested in the relationship by seeking directed feedback. Evalu8r consultants leave them with a very favorable impression of the meetings.
In a research study by Rice University Professor Dr. Paul Dholakia and Dr. Vicki Morwitz, published in Harvard Business Review, the experiment concluded that the simple fact of asking customers how a company was performing by itself proved to be a great customer retention strategy. In the research study, conducted over the course of a year, one set of customers were sent out a satisfaction and opinion survey and the other set was not surveyed. After a year, twice the number of people continued and renewed their loyalty towards the company in the group that took the survey.

How does it work?

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